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Guest Bloggers

We warmly welcome posts from guest bloggers - especially anthropology students. If you're interested, check out the guidelines below, and then email us your proposed post topic at anthsisters@gmail.com.

Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

Guest blog posts should include a short bio about you, your personal and research interests, and any personal webpages you would like to promote, i.e. your twitter feed.

Guest posts have no maximum length although it is good to keep in mind that posts that are too long and/or too academic in style aren't always popular in the blogosphere. For this reason, you may like to consider breaking up a longer piece into a series of more informal posts. This will also allow you to clarify, elaborate, or respond to any issues raised as a result of previous posts.

Comments will be moderated by Anthsisters, however, feel free to get in touch regarding any comments that concern you. Please refrain from replying to comments which are stupid or intended to provoke (i.e. trolls), and if suitable, consider replying to comments as a blog post.

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