About us

Kia ora,

We are the Anthsisters - welcome to our blog.

We are Tarapuhi Bryers-Brown, Tayla Hancock and Hollie Russell and together we make up the Anthsisters. Although we knew of each other in undergrad it was not until our year together doing Honours in Cultural Anthropology (which we spent living in the library) that we became close friends and started referring to ourselves as the Anthsisters. Last year we were doing our Masters, and decided it was the perfect time to make our blogging debut.

The blog itself is dedicated to anything and everything anthropology and student related. Although we specialise in Cultural Anthropology we are open to discussion concerning the other branches of Anth - Linguistics, Archaeology and Biology.

We encourage you to comment, critique, and challenge us, as long as it's constructive. While we aim to keep a high standard, in terms of style, spelling, and references please remember who we are and the audience we are targeting.

Guest Blogging

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Hollie h recently finished her Masters in Cultural 
Anthropology at Victoria University of Wellington which looked at iwi identity and post-settlement models.  Her interests include politics, activism, and good beer. 

Follow her on twitter @hollierussell8.

Tayla; cat owner, food lover and intersectional feminist. Tayla is a Teaching fellow at Victoria University of Wellington and teaches Ritual in the Modern World.
Her research interests lie in the anthropology of the body and visual methods and the focus of her research is on the lived experience of fat through photography.
Tayla's hobbies include going to the beach, drinking red wine and forcing her cats to cuddle her.
Follow her on twitter @taylahancock22.

Tarapuhi Bryers-Brown is also a Teaching Fellow at Victoria. She lectures a course on Visual Anthropology. Her research looks at the long term and inter-generational impact of colonisation, and the role of structural violence on contemporary indigenous people, especially within Aotearoa.

Her interests include Visual Anthropology/Ethnography, social justice and activism, Intersectional Feminism and binge-watching TV shows. 
Follow her on twitter @tarapuhib