Monday 27 October 2014

Zoe Todd's "Indigenous Feminist’s take on the Ontological Turn: ‘ontology’ is just another word for colonialism"

Zoe Todd identifies herself as "many things: a blue-eyed and red-haired Metis, an academic, a storyteller, an amateur songwriter, ardent pedestrian, train-lover, adequate bannock-baker, apprentice fisherwoman, reluctant flier and wannabe comedienne."

In her latest post she talks about listening to Latour discussing the the "climate as a ‘common cosmopolitical concern"
" I waited, through the whole talk, to hear the Great Latour credit Indigenous thinkers for their millennia of engagement with sentient environments, with cosmologies that enmesh people into complex relationships between themselves and all relations, and with climates and atmospheres as important points of organization and action. It never came."
What really stuck for us was that working within the academy/university doesn't mean we have to always accept dominant discourses, even if they are promoted by people we admire. Furthermore, part of the de-colonization process must be searching for, working with, and crediting indigenous peoples and their work.

We urge you to read Zoe's full article here, you can also find her on @ZoeSTodd.

~ Hollie and Tarapuhi